new grim reaper bb by my friend reuben <3 
my first comicon ;)
You were in my dream last night and you comforted me and urged me to forgive and allow myself to be more patient and overall a more fun person. Today I've been trying to take things as slowly as I need to in order to fully experience things. In my dream you were very genuine and owned your faults and that made you even more beautiful and I looked up to you definitely. I'll probably never meet you in real life, but in my mind you're an amazing friend and a beautiful person. So thank you:)

thank you so much for this message! it really made me smile.

sending so much love your way :)


Wanda - girl sandwich
Wanda’s sandwich creations are quite interesting on their own, her personal favorite being loaded hotdog sandwiches! But nothing quite beats having a tiny, tasty human tucked in there to add that much more fun to her meal, as she relaxes on the couch and enjoys a bit of delicious playtime…
Hey there... You are a very pretty and artsy girl but I don't think you "got it" with the singing. You seem to be very pitchy and off key. I'm sure you have many other things that you are talented at. I don't want this to come off as rude, but I think you need to know that u should probably pursue something other than singing.

im aware that im a terrible singer

and ive never ever ever tried to pursue a music career

let me do karaoke in peace thank u :)

do u have any advice 4 ppl starting @ art school? any tips on not getting lost in the void of impressing others?

go to class

don’t be a dick if you’re insecure

collaborate with classmates whose work you admire - get them to teach you things 

critique is important but people are mostly just going to compare your work to other artists’ because they dont know what to say

try working in multiple mediums to figure out what you really like