sandycaribou:been spending a lot of time in my cozy little room.

currently listening to bing crosby’s christmas on vinyl and burning my buddhist incense from macua. come join me?

sandy you are the cutest girl in the world.
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bill viola
skewls ovr y’all


i made a random mix, just a bunch of stuff i’ve been listening to this semester.

1. the thermals - returning to the fold

2. henry’s dress - target practice

3. railcars - bohemia is without a sea

4. rocketship - naomi & me

5. pants yell! - shoreham kent

6. tiger trap - puzzle pieces

7. best coast - angsty

8. cub - new york city

9. pedro the lion - indian summer

10. all makes parts & collision - i die

11. brazilian girls - me gustas cuando callas

12. morrissey - first of the gang to die

13. lemuria - mechanical

14. tullycraft - pop songs your new boyfriend’s too stupid to know about

15. women - shaking hands

16. casiotone for the painfully alone - scattered pearls

17. built to spill - the weather

18. erin tobey - secret letters

19. the microphones - get off the internet

download it here!

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