giffing stuff i see on tumblr :)
home sweet home!


when i look in the mirror, i see a guardian angel / daily mantra
(mini zine unfolded)

Another collage in collaboration with joanna-kiely
new grim reaper bb by my friend reuben <3 
my first comicon ;)
You were in my dream last night and you comforted me and urged me to forgive and allow myself to be more patient and overall a more fun person. Today I've been trying to take things as slowly as I need to in order to fully experience things. In my dream you were very genuine and owned your faults and that made you even more beautiful and I looked up to you definitely. I'll probably never meet you in real life, but in my mind you're an amazing friend and a beautiful person. So thank you:)

thank you so much for this message! it really made me smile.

sending so much love your way :)