i 4got how 2 put makeup on
there was this homemade music video on youtube a while ago that you were in with random video clips of you in your friends in a bathtub and just doing random think and it was for some song buy these two musicians and i forget what it was but it was so good and now i can't remember. do you have any idea what i'm talking about?? i really really want to find it :(

yes! this was so long ago thx 4 remindin me ;)


Our film, TEENAGE, is making its way out into the digital realm July 15th. To celebrate, we’re digging up the posts from our Youth Culture blog that were the biggest reader favorites. One was this video interview with Tumblr star Molly Soda of http://mollysoda.biz fame from June 2011.
Teenage on iTunes: http://ow.ly/yVL9x
had to make this transparent smh

marcroy smith