Will there ever be a sequel to butt loaf?

his bff cute loop is still alive - i can tell he is very very very sad

i’ve had rats before and i’ve obviously had one die before the other… the last time i didn’t get a new rat and just tried to spend as much time as possible with my remaining rat (SMG) which was A LOT but i think it might be wise to introduce some new rats (i’m thinking 2 younger male rats) into the mix so cute loop isn’t lonely (i travel once a month and am a pretty busy lady so i think this would be smart)

but i also don’t know how much more potential death my heart can take :( it feels really really really bad right now… butt loaf was so amazing and he just died… no warning… and i never want to feel the way i do now again

Excuse me, but where does line to tell you how cute you are start?

i wish i felt that way about myself

the longer i am single and the harder i find it to date and meet men that like me back in my city the lower my self esteem plummets - it sucks that i have to have someone IRL think and tell me im pretty for me to be okay with myself - i feel so terrible and i wish i didn’t correlate romantic relationships with self worth

i feel like everyone who compliments me is lying to me and i can’t remember the last time i felt this awful about myself

i feel so incredibly sad

Day 16 by nicolas polli on Flickr.