I love your make up! You should do a video in what stuff you use te most and show how you do it or if you already have could you post a link? :~)!

i will make a new video this week!! :) a “what’s in my makeup bag”

the project goes live this week so get your videos to me ASAP
if you have no idea what i’m talking about you can find more info here
email submissions to mollysoda@gmail.com

White’s Not My Color This Evening - Cherry Glazerr

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got my nails done yesterday*~ dyed my hair swamp green 2


i don’t trust anyone whose aesthetic hasn’t changed since high school


by sleepy9000 http://ift.tt/1jQVIYD

good places to buy decently priced wigs online? i’m just using them in some videos so they don’t have to be super high quality or anything?

Is the wuthering heights thing still open omg it sounds like fun

last call is today!!!! get em to me asap /// project goes live early this week possibly tomorrow 

more info here

You still rockin the Granny Pants, Molly?