team underboob
when i get less than 100 notes on a pic i get scared that im not cute enough isnt that fucked up??
heres nu cutting edge artwerk by otto splotch
can u plzplzplz tell me what song is in the background of "i'm the worst girl ever"??? i tried looking it up and even downloaded shazam and nothing came up!! D:

frankie cosmos - worst girl


Doesn't it annoy you when you're talking with someone and they pronounce "puerto rican" like "porto rican"?

thats just the way americans pronounce things…

does it bother you when people from other countries have accents?

sorry if this is outta line, but someone said you were white (in an insult you answered a few pages back), and aren't you not white? sorry again if this is out of line, love u xx

im puerto rican :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

but i dont even care enough to check ppl at this point lol