good places to buy decently priced wigs online? i’m just using them in some videos so they don’t have to be super high quality or anything?

Is the wuthering heights thing still open omg it sounds like fun

last call is today!!!! get em to me asap /// project goes live early this week possibly tomorrow 

more info here

You still rockin the Granny Pants, Molly?


Do you like Cursive?

YES the ugly organ is such a good album

i hate that you are alive

i hate that you’re sad :(

ive been wearing the same septum ring for basically 2 years now… i used to have a really cute one that i lost a long time ago and i totally forgot where i snagged it from. any of y’all know where to get cute septum rings online (linxxx)?

please kill me

pardon me while i burst in2 flames