a pic of 18 year old me drunk somewhere on the upper east side
listened 2 an i just called to say i love you midi like 12 times today
taught skywlkr how 2 make a .gif today

<3 <3 <3 SANPAKU #2 NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE <3 <3 <3 ~*Super excited to present the internet with the follow up to my first comic….the second installment of the Sanpaku series! Features 40 pages, hand-silkscreened fabric cover, with a centerfold colored by Lale Westvind.
~*check out some excerpts here~*
»» http://sanpaku.bigcartel.com ««
gif by Molly Soda ~*~*~*~

so excited!!!! snag one of these while u can ^_^^^

Astral Friends Project: Duck 

dats me~!~