the baby hand earrings! did you make those?

haha yep! ive been trying to make every random piece of “junk” lying around my room into an earring

my roommate moved away today… feeling separation anxiety and missing my gal pal already

detroit can be a lonely place sometimes when all of your friends live on the opposite side of town and you don’t have a car (yet) and now i feel like all i have left are my “party” friends again

do u ever visit ur hometown??? i wanna try to meet u

bloomington, IN? i’ll probably be there next month… haven’t seen my family in almost a year and im finally going 2 buy that pink pick up truck ive always dreamed of… or something like it

Amalia "cumslut" soto

actually my middle name is beatriz

What's your real name?

amalia soto

why are white girls so into astrology and star signs and stuff

im puerto rican

and it helps me deal with my life and compartmentalize things

and yeah shit just happens

also tons of my non-white friends are into astrology

who cares…?

How old r u? Just curious

25 - january 28, 1989 - aquarius // libra moon // aries rising 

do u hav insta?

yes! my username is bloatedandalone4evr1993


i’m curating the first ever NewHive pop-up show this fall in detroit and you’re invited to submit!
the show is titled “what’s your wifi?” and interpretation of that theme is up to you! in order to submit just create a newhive or collection of newhive pages and make sure to tag them #whatsyourwifi
chosen submissions will be displayed IRL in a gallery (location TBA) and featured on the NewHive homepage.
submissions are open now until 9/24*! can’t wait to see what y’all do
please contact me if you have any questions!
more info here

already gotten so many good submissions! <3 so excited to curate my first ever IRL show