i know everyone’s boobs are different sizes (like right and left) but why am i still self conscious about it? because i never actually see it… in photos
if i saw more photos like this i probably wouldn’t feel the same way

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why do you beg people for money you may have lots of lil minions running around after you on the internet thinking you're the shit but in real life you're just a little lazy girl who tries to be so unique but is just like every other hipster feminist out there. Grow up and get a job.

i have a job? and i don’t ask people for money? (unless you’re referring to a kickstarter i made over 3 years ago or when i tried to raise money for a pet’s surgery also around the same time)

but i also don’t think you understand me or anything i do at all. so let me enlighten you since you seem so concerned.

i am a 25 year old digital artist and i have been putting all of my work on the internet for free since i began making digital work… for quite some time now. it took me a while to figure out how to monetize those things because unfortunately, digital art doesn’t sell the same way paintings do… luckily the collection and sale of digital art is becoming more commonplace, which is so awesome and exciting. either way, in the past year i quit my regular day job and focused completely on making work and feeling happy and now i have an actual job that lets me do the things i do and make the work i want to make and it’s really exciting and life is so cool and it feels like all my wildest dreams are coming true and i’m so young and the world is full of possibilities!

sorry, i sort of went off on a tangent but my money and how i make it is of no concern to you and i don’t think you even took the time to look at anything i do other than to maybe check out some selfies and make a sweeping generalization about me. hope that clears things up for you! hope you feel better! :)

*i also just checked your page and it looks like you have a screenshot of one of my pieces on it so now i’m double confused*