I don't mean to sounds offensive bc I'm actually curious, but what are you known for? because I see you have plenty of art pieces that I love but I could have sworn you were known as a musician. (either way, keep doing u bc everything you touch is gold)

im mostly known for the classical flute music i play but im also rly pretty and decided i should jus make “art” ???

I just wanted to tell that you a fine ass white girl.

let me fuck you

o u want to fuck me? ok random internet stranger u can have sex with me 

yes boys this is all it takes! just message me !!!!!!!!!! i will have sex w u 

i just read those hive pages about the "17 things attractive girls do differently" article and i'm so disgusted like how are there even people that think like that it just makes me so angry !!!!

i kno it suxxxx but instead of getting mad just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.. you’ll feel much better :)

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