dyed my hair and my hands blue*~
do you keep your rats in cages occasionally and with bedding? I want a rat but I have no clue how to take care of one help :-(

i really hate it when people ask me (especially anonymously) about things they can google

also i have a video about rats here


Ph. Francesco Nazardo for Hunter 24
made a new zine called “licking butter off my milk” it’s 20 pages, black and white on colored paper $6 +++shipping! limited edition!
you can snag it here if you’re interested :)
heard you met some of my friends last night and I am v.v jealous

awww ya ann arbor was a wild ride

also if anyone knows who the tall dude with the brown hair the neck tattoo and the mustache is PLZ let me know (we didnt talk but im in luv)