monogamy: y/n?

rly depends on who you are and what you’re into

i’ve always been a pretty monogamous person but lately i’ve been wondering if maybe seeing relationships as such a black and white thing is healthy? i also think that my past ideas of how relationships were supposed to function weren’t necessarily working for me or perhaps they were notions i had in my head because i was mimicking some sort of relationship model if that makes any sense. actually i have no idea if im even answering a question right now. whatever.

so to answer your question, monogamy is chill if that’s what you want but it’s also not the only way to approach relationships.

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  4. moonratus said: I’m in the same boat and it’s a little stressful because I have no idea what it means to be in a relationship anymore or how to fully express all my love for everyone in a way that is honest and not hurtful to anyone.
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