hey remember that time Molly Soda stole our hard earned money for "Tween Dreams II" (i.e. project do-lots-of-cocaine). real cool.

it’s called project broken computer, working full time to pay rent, dealing with everything else in my life on top of trying to finish tween dreams 2

don’t worry, i’m having more anxiety about it than anyone else combined but if you wanna waste your time attacking me on the internet and making retarded assumptions about me go ahead

  1. shittingrazorblades said: It’s not stealing if you offered to give it to her. Wow
  2. bryanmckay said: If there’s anything you need to help you finish that isn’t $$$ lemme know
  3. vomitpink said: how is it stealing if these people willingly gave their money away…..what the hell
  4. john-roman said: Project Do-Lots-of-Cocaine sounds interesting.
  5. ericvolpp said: i have faith in you <3
  6. jacuzzispa said: yeah molly get it grlllll
  7. mollysoda posted this