I think you should chill out with bleaching and dying your hair. How often do you dye it on average? I'm not trying to be one of those jerks that tells you what to do with YOUR hair or YOUR body because I know how that feels, and that's annoying as fuck. But I also have gone through phases where I really disrespectful to my body and hair and it got really dry and unhealthy.

but you are one of those jerks that IS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR AND MY BODY !!!!!!!!! isnt that funny?

  1. rat-butt said: omg that line of thought isnt even remotely logical
  2. likeapairofbottlerockets said: ugh fuck everyone
  3. lilblucherrygrl said: People are nuts. Whether they think they have a good reason or not they still told you what you should do to your own body. And frankly, it’s just hair. Having dry hair is not disrespecting yourself O_o
  4. cheaptime said: outrageous
  5. clownebaby said: Take it from a hairdresser. Just take good care and condition co edition condition. You’ll be okay as long as you get regular haircuts.
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