I usually hook up with this guy (he's in a band) whenever he's in town, but recently he got a gf but when he came back to my town he still wanted to hook up &I didn't cause I thought it was disrespectful but I regret it because I really like him and it's always a riot. So what should I do next time? would it make me a terrible person? or does it count cause he's a rockstar and I am just a groupie, we're not in love? or is he just a douche? x thanks, I love you Molly x

it’s your call. i make it a  point not to hook up with dudes with girlfriends, i feel like it’s bad relationship karma

you’re not a bad person for wanting to hook up with him but think about how you would feel if you and his girlfriend switched roles? and yeah he is kind of douche…

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