how can I make 2013 a happier, less lonely year?

ok this is a fun question~!

1. stop being negative, if you have something negative to say about someone, don’t say it, you’ll find you feel better much better when you’re not putting out negative energy into the world

2. go out and do things alone, you notice a lot more about the world when you’re out walking around by yourself

3. start a project, could be a painting or maybe you want to plant a garden, whatever you want! if you have something to work toward you feel much better

4. surround yourself with happy, positive people who love you, make new friends if you feel like you don’t have that in your life, making new friends is hard but it can be done! go to shows, call up some acquaintances that you’d like to get to know better, etc.

5. i always just think if you put out positive energy, positive things will happen to you

hope that helped! anyone else have stuff they want to add? i’m curious as to what you all have to say

  1. littleashstatue said: PRACTICE MAGIC