Molly I know this is weird as shit but last night I got super drunk at a party and blew a guy that I JUST met at the party and I've never done ANYTHING with a guy until now and I just feel so disgusting and he wouldn't let me stop and I feel like I deserved it but no one else knows about it and I just don't know what to do I don't even know his name Jesus Christ

he didnt let you stop? what do you mean he wouldnt let you stop?

did he force you? you should not feel like you deserved it at all.

it’s not okay for someone to do that. i want you to know that.

and it’s okay for you to feel weird about it.

i think you’ll feel a lot better if you talk to a friend about the situation, okay? this sounds like a really complicated situation and i’m not sure if i can give you all the right answers.

  1. spitfucks said: :( here 4 u baby
  2. sissypunks said: uhh what she just described is sexual assault? omg anon if you needa talk i’m here :(
  3. bvmbi said: preach it molly.
  4. vayena said: :c i am praying 4 this anon
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