are you planning on moving back to new york city soon?

nope, looking for artist residencies starting fall 2013 in another country: iceland, sweden, germany, who knows maybe china!? 


  1. total8 said: sweden yes ..!!!!!!!1
  2. vicentesolbes said: come to spain
  3. surfeandoenelriachuelo said: Come to Argentina I would love to smoke a joint with you!
  4. lolstasia said: Hey good luck! :)
  5. ivanrudy said: lol
  6. mother-slaughter said: Just move to New Zealand Molly I’ll be your pal
  7. eden-elliott said: I lived in Sweden for a year. Never wanted to leave, I vote for that one.
  8. sixty-watt said: That sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck girl :)
  9. clavid said: COOOOL
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