i cant go 2 bed cuz im having all these happy love feelings right now sounds like a dumb problem right but srsly everything is so gr8 and i feel the best i have in a long long time and i guess i could go into more detail but idk everything feels different like ive unlocked some secret door to gr8 times and luv and happiness and being able 2 like focus on me while still havng the time and energy to give luv to other ppl and idk what im even sayin im not even on a weird drug right now! just rly overwhelmed with cool vibes n stuff i guess

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  2. hannah-darling said: Congrats! I know all about that. I cried at my birthday dinner because I was so overwhelmed by how much love there is in my life. ~*cheesy*~
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  5. milkattack said: that is the best ever I luv feeling that way this gave me good vibes reading it u go gurl
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