I have a yeast infection.

those suck so bad

i’m gonna get a little tmi here but i feel like everyones really embarrassed about having yeast infections so…

the first time i got one i was too poor to afford medicine for it so i dipped tampons in yogurt, it was messy and sort of worked but not really

i eventually had to go to a doctor and take antibiotics ive never really tried the over the counter stuff though

i take probiotics everyday now to keep my lady parts in check and since i started i haven’t had a single yeast infection! i used to get them kind of frequently though :(

  1. akshully said: What probiotics do you take!
  2. whatananimal said: tea tree oil is magic
  3. teansunshine said: I can’t say I’ve ever done that myself I’ve only had 1 ever and it was because of antibiotics that I got it but that’s actually recommended as a natural way to get rid of them It works for some but not for everyone and people shouldn’t be embarrassed
  4. dexamyl said: and remember: no soap! just warm water!
  5. tueusealgue said: They are the worst! And the fact that it’s like so awkward to talk about. It shouldn’t be. WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO COMPLAIN. It’s so painful ugh.
  6. rottensushi said: holy fuck i’ve done the garlic thing too and you actually TASTE garlic.. so insane
  7. themossikeepinmypockets said: yeah garlic is supposed to work wonders. peel it carefully so you don’t knick it, and wrapt it in cheesecloth or something so you can remove it easy. unsweetened yogurt and probiotic stuff help. drink kombucha!
  8. dagasa said: garlic and apple cider vinegar kills yeast!!!
  9. miathangi said: the. WORST!! :(
  10. galapa-ghost said: get well soon
  11. sassydad said: i read about the yogurt thing i hav never had a yeast infection but i was prepared to try the yogurt thing if i did have one
  12. snotpunx said: use a clove of garlic. insert it like a tampon. clears it up rly fst
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