Molly, do you think it means something if a guy you're in an exclusive relationship with 'likes' other girls pictures on facebook and tumblr? It makes me feel shitty, but I don't know whether I'm being irrational or not.

honestly, i don’t think it should mean anything if he “likes” other girls’ facebook photos, boys can be friends with other girls and boys find other girls attractive, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you/want to be your boyfriend

do you “like” other boys’ facebook photos? would it be irrational if he got jealous?

it’s okay to be a little insecure or jealous about it, i’ve been upset about some pretty crazy things before

but if you and your bf have a good relationship then it shouldn’t be a problem! unless this is being triggered by something way deeper?

anyway i know how you feel girl, i have 100% been there

but like i like basically everything i see on my newsfeed so he might be the same way?

<3 best wishes to u xoxo

  1. errol--flynn said: 100% OF THE FEELS. RIGHT HERE. You’re not alone anon.
  2. beverly-kills said: you give such great replies to asks like this. it makes me happy to read them.
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