How does one stop taking themselves so seriously?? I'm trying to stop taking myself seriously such moping around the house cause your friends are out doing something without you. Because I know when you take yourself seriously you get miserable and I don't want to be miserable anymore/

well i dont know if being sad because your friends aren’t chillin with you is considered taking yourself seriously.. but in that case go do something else! call someone else up that you never hang out with, go do something by yourself, go to the record store, make a zine, go for a walk, idk! moping around the house isn’t productive or going to make you feel better

as for not taking yourself seriously my rules are: don’t be afraid to be ugly, laugh at yourself, try not to take people’s jokes to heart, act really silly, go to a club and start flailing around like an idiot because you feel like it, do something totally out of your comfort zone socially, …

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