Hi, this is random but I thought you should include this for those interested in rats: I would highly suggest getting allergy tested for rats/rat feces prior to purchasing a rat. I got two rats last year and got really sick, dropped 15 pounds in a month due to not sleeping because I couldn't breathe. I had to be on steroids while we tried to find out what the problem was. My breathing sounded like a coffee maker gurgling. My doctor told me rat feces/urine are the second most allergenic substance

oh this is a good one! i know tons of people allergic to rats. i think you can generally tell you are within a few hours of hanging out with them though.

  1. phantomtimehypothesis said: You can also become unallergic to an animal through over exposure. I have a rabbit that used to give me severe asthma attacks. We now breathe and snuggle just fine. Took only about 3 weeks.
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