ending my wonderful bday night in my room with my rats, sippin’ champagne, listening to ke$ha, also i bought 2 different slices of cake on my bf’s food stamps aaaaaand there’s a bag of ketamine laying around here somewhere…

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    this is a golden age we’re living in guys
  3. samanthamilne said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE PATOOTIE! Love and luck and ratty kisses.
  4. milkattack said: aw dat sounds so nice hope the rest of yr night is magical !!
  5. tell-you-what said: have too much fun and be careful, doll! Happy Birthday! P.S. I have a brand new, supercute porn blog that you maaay like. It’s a secret but if you’re looking for a new one, I can give you the password as a B-Day present! That and a digital *hug*