mollysoda, what's your aura colour???

i dont know

how do i figure that out?

i actually want to know..

  1. meghanjack said: My boyfriend said he can see them and that mine is pink
  2. yubeydelgado said: Buy a mood ring.
  3. macaronirascal said: It changes every 2 weeks! Next time you come to NYC go to Magic Jewelry in Chinatown. They take a pic of it and give you a reading. It’s super fun <3
  4. obesedad said:…
  5. mushroooms said: dagasa was spot on with what i view yours as lol
  6. dagasa said: itchanges sometimes youre like teal and sometimes youre orange and sometimes youre like a yellowy green
  7. discolouring said: u just feel it
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