hahaha that wasn't meant to sound rude but get real you are a bigger girl, but so confident in your skin xxxxx

lol literally WHAT if i am big than 80% of females are HUGE

  1. gemytlig said: smh this person probably doesn’t realize there’s a world beyond the thinspo tag on tumblr
  2. puppy-cemetery said: this anon obviously has a very warped idea of an average body type.
  3. moodybby said: you’re actually small though..
  4. mamadonttakemykodachrome said: what
  5. scvmbat said: pfft you’re wonderful
  6. luneprism said: lol omfg you are a not a ‘big girl’
  7. sassydad said: u are deffos not big @ all
  8. sailorbrat said: are you fucking kidding me????? you’re tiny…
  9. pixelatedlovesongs said: ahahha wtf is this troll on about, if you’re a big girl then I am off the charts morbidly obese.
  10. milkattack said: lmao is this person blind
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