HA you're from Indiana, I am laughing so hard. Saw you around Bloomington, you're nothing but wannabe hipster trash. I would love to see the people from your blog see you in real life. So, so lame. No wonder you validate yourself through Internet attention

u must b very sad and insecure to be coming to my blog to tell me i am “hipster trash”

don’t worry, we all have days like that. i stopped wasting my time focusing my attention on people i don’t like so you should probably do the same, it’ll make you feel much better i promise.

xoxo hope u feel better <3

also next time you see me in bloomington make sure you say hello!

  1. magicalgrrrls said: I love you
  2. smelliott said: a beacon of positivity and pure love.
  3. doublequartercheese said: rats in tatt bb