molly molly i am in need of some girl power self esteem boosting can u help me please?!? ?!?!?!?!? I drunk-cried a lot at a party last night and it was super embarrassing (i think) because I hate to be the drunk girl crying at a party. I hate it. do you have any words of girl powr wisdom ?? ! thank you i love you!

ooooo gurl i guarantee you 95% of the people reading this have drunk cried at a party before… including me

the first time i ever got drunk in high school i asked everyone at the party if they thought i was pretty… the whole night… seriously so embarrassing

and a year ago i was crying on the floor at a party i was hosting in nyc because of a boy 

so don’t be embarrassed, it’s common, you get drunk, emotions happen, you learn from your drunken mistakes (hopefully) and move on

i dont hold the key to not being insecure/emotional/to unlocking girl power happy feelings all of the time but i do have some general advice/things that work for me

1. BE POSITIVE - seriously, it sounds so stupid but it works. avoid thinking negatively about situations for example “i’m going to fail this test” or “i look so ugly today” or even talking shit on someone else, any negative energy whether it’s directed toward yourself or someone you dislike is unnecessary. i promise you will feel much better once you simply stop being negative. 

2. GOALS/BE PRODUCTIVE - i think it’s important to always have something to work toward whether it’s a long term or a short term goal. start a painting, plant a vegetable garden, write a screenplay, i don’t know it literally could be anything. feeling productive/getting things done makes me feel good even though sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. make a list of all these cool things you want to or wish you could do and try to do some of them!

3. FRIENDS - surround yourself with awesome people. if you have friends/family/lovers/whatever who support you and love you and wanna drink slurpees with you or hold your hand while you cry at a party ;) that’s awesome, keep those people around you. 

as for girl power? you’re probably a pretty awesome babe who shouldn’t be crying at parties because parties are supposed to be fun and if they aren’t you should go home and have your own party… pop some champagne, eat a pizza, watch clueless whatever you want. xoxoxo

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