favorite k-pop/j-pop songs/videos?

  1. metonymy answered: globe - wanna be a dreammaker
  2. wtf-imi answered: Dir En Grey - Cage
  3. mangeycitymouth said: also this one soundcloud.com/f-a-i-n…
  4. mangeycitymouth answered: youtube.com/watch?v… but slowed down u kno, like this: soundcloud.com/f-a-i-n…
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  6. anti-fantasy answered: youtube.com/watch?v…
  7. brucesterling answered: Sandii and the Sunsetz
  8. n3rk answered: Anything that is Epik High
  9. siarahleone said: AW SHIT. youtube.com/watch?v… that was what was cute
  10. siarahleone answered: idk if this counts but its cute :3
  11. tafheet said: I love anything by Girl’s Generation Express 999 is a favorite song, I also love tommy february6 love is forever
  12. cumpire answered: youtube.com/watch?v…
  13. fags4ever answered: Anything by Big Bang obviously, and “Knockout” by GD & TOP. It’s produced by Diplo. So fly.
  14. huntedhaunted answered: renai hunter by morning musume because the dance is kinda cute
  15. uncleburger answered: utada hikaru
  16. xdekoner answered: Wedding Dress by Taeyang. Power by B.A.P
  17. juicycrypt said: Née by perfume
  18. nadesico-la answered: i can say my favorite j-pop group is W, ai kago is my favorite japanese idol
  19. neglections answered: TIME TO DIE
  20. anime420 answered: Escapism by An Cafe
  21. queenhakyeon answered: I am the best by 2ne1. Actually anything by 2ne1. Oh I got a boy, girls generation c:
  22. alice-said answered: youtube.com/watch?v… this is my favouriteeee
  23. kevinhegedus said: Lipstick by orange caramel! youtu.be/0Z9R57m…
  24. jexprimais said: And someone said nu abo by miss a when it’s actually by f(x)
  25. cute-mafia answered: Jelly by Capsule!
  26. cervato answered: rania - style youtube.com/watch?v… or mademoiselle yulia - gimme gimme youtube.com/watch?v…
  27. alright-angel said: also, ending song for kamisama kiss anime series is beautiful and catchy.
  28. youngbaevevo answered: You would probably like “I Am The Best” and “I Love You” by 2NE1
  29. acuteyoungmom answered: Sweet Time Replay, Jelly, and Dreamin Dreamin (all by capsule)
  30. likeapairofbottlerockets answered: kray pamu pamu - pon pon pon
  31. ghostparties answered: maybe kyrary pamyu pamyu is too obvious but anything by her is amazing
  32. pizzawitch answered: kyary mvs are all rly good tsukema tsukeru and fashion monster are my favs. OH and kimagure romantic by ikimono gakari is mad cute too
  33. pvle said: Big bang - bad boy!
  34. bombthreatbeforesheblows answered: KARA - Step Bubble Pop - Hyuna Lollipop - 2ne1 ft Big Bang Boys May Cry - Base Ball Bear and anything by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!!
  35. witch--toast said: basically anything by 2NE1, “Flashback” - After School, “Lipstick” - Orange Caramel, “I My Me Mine” - 4Minute, “Sexy Free and Single” - Super Junior, “Sugar Rush” - AKB48, “Mr” - KARA, “Dr. Feelgood” - Rania
  36. rat-butt answered: nu ABO by Miss A!! and knockout by g-dragon and TOP