***hello tumblr***
i need some help :/ my website http://mollysoda.biz needs to get renewed by may 2nd in order for me to keep it. unfortunately that coincides with when i have to pay rent/bills and i’m short the $74.83 i need to keep it going. this is also horrible timing because i am hosting a grant proposal on my webpage and the grant is due may 3rd! so if i can’t pay to keep my website i also can’t host my grant proposal on my page :( 
i’m cutting it pretty close and obviously not trying to ask for money without giving anything in exchange. i will make you a .gif, a video, any little thing you want in exchange for the donation.
luckily i can pay for my webpage using paypal which is a super relief. so if you wanna help me out (which i really appreciate this grant proposal is really important to me like i’ve never applied for anything like this before and i’m really nervous and excited about it) you can donate to my paypal (either send it to mollysoda@gmail.com or elevatorsongs@gmail.com) there is also a paypal donate button on my page!
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    i’m only 20 dollars away!!!!! any little amount is super appreciated being a broke artist is hard.. if u donated any...
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    ok donc jrecommence puisque tout le monde était fachée la denriere fois blonde : moi bleu-hiver : emma chix latina...
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