hey internet pals! 
in case you didn’t know already, i’m going on an url 2 irl tour next month called the “realm recognize realm” tour! it’s curated by extreme animals and a bunch of other internet “super users” are involved: labanna babalon, ben aqua, lil internet, and top8friends! 
i’m super super stoked! we are gonna be visiting cities along the east coast and meeting people at unconventional places (parking lots, mall food courts, anywhere you can think of really). they already won a rhizome grant for it but we still need more funds to make the tour awesome and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy and gets paid :) we’re trying to raise 12,500 via kickstarter and i think we can do it with your support!!!! 
there are so many sick prizes involved and you can donate as much as you want! prizes include sexts from an artist of your choice, zines, posters, …. and …. a body pillow (plus a lot of other kewl stuff that i can’t remember right now)! i’m not kidding! it’s gonna be wild.
sooooooo check out the page, reblog this if you can’t donate, spread the word! <3 luv u all
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