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made a little mix about having butterflies in ur stomach and feeling like a goon and walking into lamp posts and you know what i’m saying!
1. bjork - one day
2. best fwends - orange marker
3. reading rainbow - be who i see
4. tlc - diggin’ on you
5. that dog. - long island
6. jens lekman - kanske ar jag kar i dig
7. the muffs - a little luxury
8. teen suicide - i wanna be a witch
9. ween - oh my dear (falling in love)
10. dolly mixture - will he kiss me tonight
11. magic eye - wicked games
12. beat happening - i dig you
13. condo fucks - with a girl like you
download it here!
made a short little mix at 10am this morning cause i realized i hadn’t made one in a while and i have a lot of feelings, so here ya go internet!
1. adam green - hard to be a girl
2. fiona apple - valentine 
3. PENS - crybaby
4. rocketship - your new boyfriend
5. weezer - no one else
6. KEEL HER - with me tonight
7. the get up kids - i’m a loner dottie, a rebel
8. half japanese - shy around girls
9. henry’s dress - you killed a boy for me
10. the muffs - everything loves you

download here!

HANGIN WITH THE SKATE BITCHES from teeveedinner on 8tracks.

luvvvv this <3